Sunday, August 5, 2012

Part 4 – The Heartbreak Comeback. Busy Busy Bee

You know a Bee lives for around 21 days and during that time its busy busy, buzzing around collecting pollen, helping to make honey. It doesn't really sleep it just grabs a couple of minutes "Shut Eye" and then off to work again. So the term "be as busy as a bee" is a good one, not that we want to live on 21 days at the pace a bee does but the "Busy Bee" motto is where today's "Heartbreak Comeback" article is going to lead us.Personal, Business, Health whatever the heartbreak we have had a bit of a sook and eaten some chocolate whilst we watched some old movies, well now it's time to open up the curtains, have a shower change out of those Pj's and get to being a "Busy Bee"Now I know a lot of you out there will be thinking "I'm not ready" I need more time" well sorry princess life has to go on, the world is waiting for you and most likely other people need you so cut out that Busy Bee Picture at the top of the page stick it on the refrigerator and let's get ready.Does becoming a Busy Bee make you forget? Does it fix all the issues that you might have to face? NO. But what it does do is stop the wallowing part of the Heartbreak Comeback, that part that can see you slip back into eating chocolate and watching bad movies. The other benefit of being a Busy Bee is it can stop you from the worst of results and that is slipping back into the situation that caused your need for a Heartbreak Comeback in the first place!Your "Heart Immunity" has not had time to grow so it's easy to say yes to that "lets chat" drink, or "lets have a coffee" " Lets discuss it over dinner" and next thing you know your waking up or driving home with that "Oh no what have a I done" feeling, and we don't want that do we?To build up our "Heart Break Immunity" we need time, we need to time to reflect, to think to really assess that whole situation so we can decide if we want to have that drink or dinner, to decide if it's really 100% over and move on or out. We need this time so if we are 100% committed to moving on either to find a new relationships or even a new job we can do that without falling back into old comfortable situations, and we can do it with a new lease of life and excitement.So what are you going to do be a little "Busy Bee" Well in my life of heartbreak comebacks and many people I have spoken to, the "Busy Bee" time is the best opportunity to start some new hobbies or get back into some old ones?Go back or start at the Gym, take up tennis, play golf, join a cooking class all of these things will keep you busy and have an added bonus, that being if you have decided it's all over and your ready to move on guess what? You may meet someone new or even new opportunities for Work and life may be introduced to you.So, up, up and away; time to build up that Heart Immunity, get busy like a bee.Big Hugs to youShane

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